The 2015 Project: Let’s Play!


Aiming your camera at that object, what is your aim? Why do you want (to make) that picture? These questions can be tough. They have often led me to not making the picture. And though some pictures are best left unmade, questions like that can grind you to a halt photographically. However, I found that inventing projects helps me avoid those dead ends: I often come up with a picture series (see example) to have something to work on. Which is what I would like to share with you: If I came up with several small project ideas during the next year, would you join me? You’re invited!

7 thoughts on “The 2015 Project: Let’s Play!”

  1. This is so unexpected! Love it! Tobias, thank you so much for the tips in Dusseldorf! The Hotel we stayed in ( supposedly a 4 star) had ZERO internet, none. I did not read your suggestions until we were back but I loved the city and the Market so much!

  2. I thought the challenge was to play, that would be fun. Sometimes a theme can make me feel like I have a homework assignment, sometimes it’s just what I need to un-slump myself. I might play, Tobias.

    1. Good point, Lynn: thanks for the comment. In fact, I had something like homework in mind, but I think that the themes will be more ‘open’ than usual, and everybody will have lots of time to make the pictures. I hope the ideas will inspire you to play (even if you do not like the theme or don’t wish to participate in the challenge itself). First part will be out on January 1…

    1. If you’d embark on any such journey with me, I’d be happy, Anette! Danke für den Kommentar!

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