January Project | Favourite Flick. Part One


I was watching Fallen Angels, admiring the photography when I had the idea to make a series of photographs to capture the aesthetics and the atmosphere of the movie: It should be fun to hint at narrative when I usually avoid it, and it might be a possibility to make good use of colour while I usually work in black and white. Going through these ideas I also thought that if these assignments are fun for me, they might be fun for you, too. So I decided to give it a try: While I usually just post pictures, let me now also share the ideas that lead to making the pictures – and see if you would like to work on the same project and come up with your own solution:

1. Think of a movie you consider most appealing visually. Watch it again, if you can.
2. Figure out the photographic style of this movie (as determined by light, colours, picture composition, etc.).
3. Make a series of photos that convey the spirit of the movie you picked.

To participate, come up with an idea that corresponds with the given topic, make your pictures, choose those you’d like to ‘exhibit’, post them and link to that post in the comments section here (ideally, you also weave a link to this challenge into your post).

I will post sequels to this post during January – reminding you the challenge is still on – and in the end link to your responses on the “2015 Projects” page.

8 thoughts on “January Project | Favourite Flick. Part One”

    1. Thank you Karen! Cinematic sounds good, too. Would you like to participate … what’d be your movie?

  1. Hi Tobias, first of all: a wonderful new year in all you can desire for. I do like your project and I think I am in. But I do not have a clue about the movie I want to use yet. Just have one question now: Fallen Angels, a Japanese movie?

    1. Thanks Chris, and a great year to you, too! Take your time picking a movie – comments won’t be closed… “Fallen Angels” is a film by Wong Kar-Wai, and from Hong Kong. I just looked it up … and realized some other movies go by the same title. Well, Wong Kar-Wai’s is the one I tried to transport to Wiesbaden.

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