“Let Go of the Urge to Make Sense of What Is Seen”


Catching up on Paula’s photo challenge I could not resist this one – which is where I found the great quote I am now using as a title. I hope that these pictures really help you letting go of this urge so that you can “focus […] on the act of seeing rather than the intellectual processes of naming and analysing what is being seen.”

As I am uploading pictures from a new series called 2/3 (for no apparent reason), up pops another challenge: Wall. Well.

10 thoughts on ““Let Go of the Urge to Make Sense of What Is Seen””

  1. Deeper into philosophy than I can follow you —
    Fortunately I can still enjoy the splendor of the photography on its own terms. (Or my own terms, may be more accurate!)

    1. I do, concentrating on the surfaces and building materials and colours – thanks!

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