The Changing Seasons: Marching Into March


It is so sunny and nice outside that I just could not resist this title. Sorry for that.

So here’s my contribution to Cardinal Guzman’s monthly photo challenge. The pictures were made on March 9, 11 and 12 between 08.15 and 08.45 a.m. Same as in January and February, they show things I find on my way to work, mainly around the parliament of the federal state of Hesse in the heart of the city: My way to work en miniature, some older buildings around the state parliament building, the state parliament itself and two close-ups of a café that used to be a hair salon and still maintains that flavour of the seventies.

4 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons: Marching Into March”

  1. I wish you were here in our medium size New England town. I’d be curious what you would find picturesque/visually startling/visually appealing like these photos. For me, it is pastel and drab and commonplace. Which surely means that I need new eyes?

    1. Judith, thanks for the comment – now that I think about it, switching from black and white to colour kind of feels like “new eyes”…

  2. Guten morgen Tobias! I love that minitaure bronze sculpture and there’s interesting lines and shapes in your photos.
    I’m going to the city today to try to capture some shot for next month’s gallery. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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