Kurhaus II


All the stone and glass and brass come to my inner eye when I think of Kurhaus, where last Monday’s walk ended. So I see this as a sort of sequel to last week’s contribution to Jo’s Monday Walks: I never quite succeeded in picturing this feeling of transition into a space that feels old and otherworldly in a way (where you would not be surprised to encounter Mr. Dostoevsky). These pictures are getting very close now.

9 thoughts on “Kurhaus II”

    1. Great 🙂 How does November or December sound? Or if you can’t wait I can introduce more guest challenges than two per month. 🙂

    2. Great, Tobias. I really look forward to it. I think that I will continue with guest challenges (provided that people are interested) as a regular thing in the following year too. There have been a few bloggers that already expressed their wish to do both – colour and black and white challenges. I am always open to new ideas and suggestions. Let’s be creative together 😀

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