11 thoughts on “Im Holz. 2”

  1. The depth of field you used really brings out the details and texture of the wood. I like the warm tones too.

  2. Beautiful texture and so much complexity!
    I must say, I like this series more, it seems more alive.

    1. Thanks, Loredana! I agree – the other one seemed to corresponded well with the challenge (‘Inside’), but this one is more appealing to me too – or rather more “alive”, as you say, maybe due to the colours?

    1. Das erste Bild finde ich immer noch ein wenig schwierig. Da ist Deine spontane Reaktion ein gtues Feedback bzw. willkommenes Korrektiv. Manchmal sieht man ja den Wald wegen der Bäume nicht… Vielen Dank dafür!

  3. I really like the color -the texture -and the different angles. Later this week I will be back to check out the other posts in this series – but glad I caught this one before I leave for the day – the vibrant color is nice.

    1. Thank you! I’ll be glad to keep in touch, because I just returned here from visiting your fabulous post on ‘perspective and anti-perspective’.

    1. Some of these look like strange miniature landscapes to me… Glad you like them. Thanks, Harrie!

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