Litfaß 12. “Creative Intervention”


Creative intervention? When I first read the term, I was at a loss. But then I read Paula’s description:

Shooting an amazing piece of creation in most unlikely places, or making a creation of your own and capturing it by camera; possibilities are countless. Have you recently seen something that changed the original aspect of a place/Thing? Was it a pleasing creation or unsightly one?

Well, whoever tears the posters off this advertising column (German: Litfaß-Säule)  is responsible for an unsightly change to an usually unsightly place. But he makes “making a creation of my own” all the more easy – all I have to do is find and compose a picture. Having seen “something that changed the original aspect of the thing,” I do my part in changing the original aspect…

Call it deconstructivism. Or call it creative intervention.

6 thoughts on “Litfaß 12. “Creative Intervention””

  1. Well done you! 🙂 Thank you, Tobias for being the usual creative self, which reminds me… I will post the theme “deconstruction” the one you liked some time early next year 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you, Paula! And take your time with deconstruction: I am far from through with the Derrida I wanted to read.

    2. 🙂 there you go being thorough again. I was going to visit Bilbao in October (not just for the challenge sake :D), but I had to put off my plans indefinitely cause of my knee, but I have a different interpretation of “deconstruction” in mind now. As for your guest challenge – please choose any Thursday in January (if January works for you) and send me everything a week ahead 🙂 It should be in colour, and if you have more ideas you’d like to share and participate again as a guest challenger for black and white photography, please let me know, PLEASE. 🙂

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