Litfaß 29 . 1



This advertising column (“Litfaßsäule”) cried for a photograph from across the street. Since I also liked the context the above picture was excerpted from, I decided to show it, too. Do you find the part I framed in the first picture?

This week’s photo challenge is collage – how could I resist posting these pictures?

Litfaß 28 (Diptych)



“I’m not interested in the texture of the rock, or that it is a rock, but in the mass of it, and its shadow.” Ellsworth Kelly

What could abstract photography be about? I think we might get an idea when we borrow terms from music: Abstract photos, for me, should be about composition, about tonality and colours, about harmony and disharmony, measure and rhythm… and pauses. It is about organizing noise.

That’s what I am looking for in an abstract photo, and trying to accomplish. The ripped-off posters above come close to the idea. Ironically enough, abstract as they may be, they might also be more documentary than most of my other pictures.

This is my second contribution for Paleica’s 12 Magische Mottos, this month’s magic word being abstraction.