Hello … My Name is … YOR7










Looking for traces of use and abuse around Wiesbaden’s former courthouse, I spotted these pictures painted on metal doors. I found them absolutely gripping, and immediately decided I had to show them to Jörg from Dosenkunst. Then I checked with his blog and found out he had photographed and posted them quite a while ago. So what was the point of photographing them again?

I told my wife I had to show her some photos of graffiti, and upon seeing them she replied: “Are you sure you want to call these graffiti? They are art!” So here’s another interpretation of art…

4 thoughts on “Hello … My Name is … YOR7”

  1. Ganz starke Interpretation, wunderbare Blickwinkel. Schön, dass du die Bilder zeigst. Macht mal wieder deutlich, dass Fotografie die Interpretation von Licht durch den Fotografen ist. Wenn dieser so gut ist wie du, macht das Schauen Spaß. Schön.

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