Litfaß 13 . A Letter From Wiesbaden

DSC03667-d03k…or letters, maybe. | Without further ado, let me point to a great photo challenge by Austrian blogger Paleica: She will offer twelve magic mottos throughout this year, giving everybody ample time to come up with something. The challenge will be in German – but there’s always the dictionary. This month’s theme is Schilder und Schriften – and it is a bit hard to translate: I hope that ‘sign boards and fonts’ should cover it.

4 thoughts on “Litfaß 13 . A Letter From Wiesbaden”

  1. My initial reaction was that it was a black and white challenge… but there’s nothing to suggest that it is. Good striking image, Tobias 🙂

    1. Well, there’s a little colour … which is something I actually quite like. Which I was not aware of until I asked myself if I should have made a black-and-white picture here. Thank you for the comment, Jo!

  2. die übersetzung passt auf jeden fall, ich hätte vermutlich “signs & typo” gesagt 🙂 die umsetzung finde ich super. gefällt mir sehr und passt, wie ich finde, wunderbar zu deinem stil:)

    1. Danke! Now I am curious how many of my English speaking visitors will wind up participating… We’ll see.

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