Last Thursday we invited friends and colleagues for a private viewing. The show included two pieces from the Litfaß series, and one of the visitors remarked that she had mistaken the two photos for collages at first sight.

Collage is a matter of choice: You pick the elements of your picture from a vast pile of available stuff, then arrange it into a composition.

The process of making a photo is very close to that of making a collage. You choose. You eliminate. The choice determines the outcome. We don’t show what is but what we see fit for framing.

I hope nobody minds me choosing another Litfaß picture (from session no. 17) over showing arrays of things to pick from for Paula’s Thursday Special which is – you may have guessed – choice. And this is what I chose from (click to enlarge):


7 thoughts on “Choice”

    1. Posters that have been torn off the advertising column you see below, yes. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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