U3: Landungsbrücken – St. Pauli






Hamburg: I always had in mind to get on the Hochbahn, ride one station, get out, photograph, hop on the next train, ride to the next station, make some more pictures…

I never got going until recently. It was interesting to realize how a theme, an interest, a subject evolved: After running up and down a couple of stairs I began to understand what to pay attention to.

Stairs, escalators, handrails cannot be avoided when riding the Hochbahn. They set the mood, define the character…

Mind you, this series is a rather fragmentary representation of the U3 line (Hamburg’s only circle line, running above ground for a large part of its course): While I had a chance to visit the western stops repeatedly, I never got around to riding the full circle more than once; needing my time to ‘develop an eye’, I did not even get the camera out at some stops when I arrived there for the first time. ‘Nothing to see here,’ was the quick verdict I intend to prove wrong during one of my next visits.

Next stops: Sternschanze – Schlump.

7 thoughts on “U3: Landungsbrücken – St. Pauli”

  1. Tobias, I very much like your description of the experience. It’s fascinating to go through this exercise of learning to ‘see’ and pay attention to what is around us. And you did a very fine job! Love the shots.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  2. The link from my blog didn’t work exactly but I’m here. 🙂 🙂 Your posts are always interesting. Many thanks for your company this morning.

    1. Ah, yes, I just saw the dash became part of the link – sorry! I am always happy to visit and learn about walks!

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