11 thoughts on “Look Up”

  1. I like all three compositions and I must say that the “negative space” shape in the second shot is just as fascinating as the shape of the captured building. Now, you see why I first thought you were an architect. 🙂

    1. All right! Now I understand what you meant earlier. My interest in negative space is mostly fuelled by the pictures of Eduardo Chillida, the way he makes use of the picorial ‘space.’ But then again, Martin Heidegger linked his art to human dwellings or the defiinition of human space. And defining human space: that’s what architects do. Maybe I just took a detour. Thanks for the inspiring comment, Paula, and welcome back!

    2. Hello Tobias, Thank you for replying. I remembered you mentioned that you had some new ideas for photo challenges. I have been waiting for your email 🙂

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