Sweep it Under the Carpet


This is my contribution for Thursday’s Special at Paula’s Lost in Translation: Conceptual Photography. The idiom is the same in German, by the way: “Etwas unter den Teppich kehren.”

10 thoughts on “Sweep it Under the Carpet”

    1. Thanks, Paula! The scale given by the producer is 1:87, which means that a person of 174 cm height would be about 2 cm in miniature. Which almost always seems to be the case with the figures I use. I just read about this “HO” scale on Wikipedia: It seems to be an international standard for model railways.

    2. A very valuable info, Tobias .) And I thought you were going to take out a measuring tape to measure them 😉

    3. Various … the little people are not very different from real people in that respect.

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