On the Same Page


Dear readers, a keen dancer myself, I would like to ask you for a little dance… or get on the same page with you – whatever works for you. 


The above picture is part of a series called “Worlds Within Words.” Exploring figures of speech I realize that idioms derive much of their appeal from allowing charming glimpses into different cultures: Isn’t it wonderful that Italians say lavish persons have holes in their hands and the Dutch advise you to tread carefully and not wear clogs on ice? I love that – it’s vivid!

So here is the score: Please help me out! I suggest two ways to do so:

  1. Think of your favourite figure of speech. Think of a picture to illustrate it. Make the picture. post it and link to it in the comments. And please link to my blog in your post so people can find this challenge.
  2. Think of your favourite figure of speech. Mail it to me (or put it into the comments) along with an explanation of the literal and the figurative meaning if it is not in English or German. I will then try to come up with a good picture  of my own – and link to your blog.

I hope you can join me here – and have fun looking into the schedules of different trains of thought (could not resist this one).

As the pictures show graceful dancers, I also see them as a contribution for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

5 thoughts on “On the Same Page”

    1. Thank you so much! I only wish I had your knack for getting people to participate. But I can’t complain. I’ve got a notebook full of ideas; it might have been nice though to learn about phrases and idioms from other languages…

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