Strolling around the towns of Middelburg and Veere. Though we come here regularly, I rarely photograph (always preferring the dunes and the sand and the sea), so I thought I’d share these for a change. The atmosphere and the light were just right … and I had brought my camera to what was originally an outing to have lunch. Thanks to my wife for her patience. | This is another contribution for Jo’s great Monday Walks – join her…!

7 thoughts on “Strolling”

  1. After all these years (illness, cancer, dementia) the Hub died November 25th. I am gradually returning to the world, but slowly. Touch2Touch will wait yet a while; I come to Germany May 20th to visit friends in Cologne and Frankfurt and Bonn, with a week out in France at the ecumenical community of Taize. Glad to find you at the same old stand, with wonderful new photos.

    1. Oh Judith! I am very sorry to hear that; my condolences. At the same time I am happy you dropped a note here, indicating – by doing so as well as in your lines – that you intend to let your life go on (if I may put it like that, sometimes language fails me a bit). For now, let me just say: Welcome back! I am glad to hear from you and learn about your plans. If you happen to visit Wiesbaden, please let me know!

  2. Your images always make me smile, and then pause to admire. 🙂 My favourite is that 3rd one, where I think I can make out a craggy face in the brick wall’s shadow. I know that many will be reaching for the cake 🙂 🙂 Many thanks, Tobias. It is an honour.

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