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Goult – Evening Walk

A contribution for Jo’s Monday Walks, this post completements the morning walk I shared earlier this fall.


Walls and Windows of Dijon

In a way, graffiti and murals always seem to boil down to saying: “Hey! I exist!” I found these walking around in Dijon, partly in dark and dirty alleys – that’s why I decided not to enhance the light here.

Les ocres de Roussillon

Roussillon is famous for its red and ocher rocks which have been used for making pigments for centuries. Our walk took us along the sentier des ochres (first three pictures), then to the old  town of Roussillon where, not surprisingly, most buildings were painted in reds and ochres.

There is also a place they call Colorado de Rustrel – a bit off Roussillon so it was not really part of the walk (but it fits into this post’s theme, pictures five and six).

However, l’usine d’ocre Mathieu (Mathieu’s ochre factory) is so close to Roussillon’s town centre that it can be visited on foot (last three pictures).

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