“That most recalcitrant of all witnesses…”

You’ll find the previous story here.

The quote is from a description of the obstacles faced by the hard boiled detective, he encounters “blocking figures of all kinds, from the professional criminals and their hit men to corrupt cops, siren women, and that most recalcitrant of all witnesses, a dead man” (Dennis Porter, The Pursuit of Crime. Art and Ideology in Detective Fiction, 1981). This is also my take for the Weekly Photo Challenge, if a somewhat ironic one. After all, “murder must advertise.”


9 thoughts on ““That most recalcitrant of all witnesses…””

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! These small people are kind of stuck in one pose, but I am intrigued by the realism of their movements.

    1. After reading loads of hard-boiled detective novels for a while, the stereotypical plot is more or less at hand. And since I love movies too, there are a couple of (stereotypical) pictures I know I want to be part of the story. But yes, setting up and getting everything right is kind of … time consuming. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Jo.

  1. Wow! We are doing film noir now 🙂 Terrific scenography, Tobias. Really admire this work, lighting, suspension – everything 🙂

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