While traveling, I find it difficult to decide how abstract or documentary I want my pictures to be. This year, without my minifigures around (which I only regretted once), I decided to do two things:

  1. Follow the light.
  2. Keep in mind that I might want to contribute to Jo’s Monday Walks.

That evening in Périgueux, we enjoyed the upside of less-than-nice weather, and the pictures are all about light.

7 thoughts on “Périgueux”

    1. …ja, das ist mal etwas anderes. Für alle, denen die Minifiguren bzw. Abstraktionen langweilig sind. Danke für Deinen Besuch!

  1. Light and shade! I love the first one Tobias. I’m in the Algarve with very limited Wifi access and enjoying being away from it all but I’ll share when I’m online. Many thanks for remembering me x

    1. Always, Jo. It’s just that these miniature toy photographs are quite time consuming – and they do not really fit the walking theme. And I still enjoy the walks you share. And yet we are planning to visit France again next year…

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