Beynac. Part One

A walk up to the castle of Beynac (Périgord). During this year’s trip to France I was often intrigued by the way roofs, pigeonaires and chimneys seemed to define space in very particular ways, and I tried to capture something of what I thought I understood in these pictures.

Part two will take you inside the castle where I fooled with the available light…

Since the ascent to the castle was indeed a walk, and because our path was lined by traces of the past, I seize the opportunity to participate in two great challenges: Jo’s Monday Walks and Thursday’s Special at Paula’s. Please check them out; both Paula and Jo have regular challenges, and both of them are great hosts.


While traveling, I find it difficult to decide how abstract or documentary I want my pictures to be. This year, without my minifigures around (which I only regretted once), I decided to do two things:

  1. Follow the light.
  2. Keep in mind that I might want to contribute to Jo’s Monday Walks.

That evening in Périgueux, we enjoyed the upside of less-than-nice weather, and the pictures are all about light.