6 thoughts on “Crime Series III/3-4”

  1. Hi, found you on community pool. Nice to meet you!

    This is such a great idea. I love the way you have used lighting to give the images feeling. Are you building a story out of your pictures? Do you build every set yourself or do you have ready-built one(s)?

    What a creative pastime!

    1. HI! Thank you for your kind comment! Lighting is – in part – what these pictures are ‘about’. And I am indeed building a story. Inspired by the challenge to tell a story in six images, I decided to use 6 x 6 images for a crime series. I am still working on it, but you can see how far I got here. I built the sets, for economic reasons at first, now I do it because it’s fun. However, I buy the pieces I decide I can’t do ‘from scratch’.

    2. You are clearly very talented. I love that you build the sets yourself! Can I ask, what got you started in this art? Were did you get the idea from? I am just waiting for the page to load, looking forward to seeing it!

    3. Okay, these are amazing. The angles you have captured from and the focus is just right,a dding to the thrill and suspense of the story. You have perfectly caught the creepy crime feel. They are like stills of a really good movie!

    4. Thanks, again! It is kind of hard to tell what got me into this … seeing toy and miniature and diorama photography I liked here (https://tourmalinenow.com) and there (https://slinkachu.com/), trying to escape the routine of my abstract photography, toying around first with miniature animals, then H0 figures and kind of getting hooked. And stumbling upon a great and supportive toy photography community.

    5. I have never known anyone with this hobby, but I think it is awesome. Very different. It is a whole new way to tell a story. A wonderful hobby. Perhaps you will be able to make money from it?

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