Getting the Picture


Photography is about pictures, not about things. Or so I think: With this blog, I present camera-made pictures that seek to translate relationships between any given objects into relationships between pictorial elements. I aim at the picture, not the representation.

While making these pictures I realize that some things draw more of my attention than others – animals and architecture; statues, shadows and ships; water and wood, to name just a few. Light seems to play an important role: When the light is right, it lures me into taking a shot at a picture.

While I superimpose my perspective on things – I am rather shy about trying this with humans – being as subjective as I can, I like staying in the background. Let me only add that I studied humanities, work in marketing, photograph for pleasure and exhibited my pictures in various places.

20 April 2014


Further Reading

Abstract Photography Revisited | A couple of thoughts about what abstract photography could be

Bilder machen / Making Pictures | An attempt at explaining what I do


Texts and photography copyright © 2007-2018 by Tobias M. Schiel unless otherwise indicated. Any reproduction without permission will constitute an infringement of copyright.


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