Getting the Picture


Photography is about pictures, not about things. Or so I think: With this blog, I present camera-made pictures that seek to translate relationships between any given objects into relationships between pictorial elements. I aim at the picture, not the representation.

While making these pictures I realize that some things draw more of my attention than others – animals and architecture; statues, shadows and ships; water and wood, to name just a few. Light seems to play an important role: When the light is right, it lures me into taking a shot at a picture.


While I superimpose my perspective on things – I am rather shy about trying this with humans – being as subjective as I can, I like staying in the background. Let me only add that I studied humanities, work in marketing, photograph for pleasure and exhibited my pictures in various places.

20 April 2014

Further Reading

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Texts and photography copyright © 2007-2023 by Tobias M. Schiel unless otherwise indicated. Any reproduction without permission will constitute an infringement of copyright.

5 thoughts on “Getting the Picture”

  1. Hallo Tobias,
    sehr schön erzählte Geschichten und auch toll fotografiert…! Ich mache sowas ab und zu auch, mit den ca 400 Spur H0 Figuren die ich hier habe baue ich für Zeitschriften kleine Szenen…z.B für die BEEF die Besteigung des Schweizer Käses mittels Bergsteigermannschaft…privat bin ich auf Spur 0 umgestiegen, da gibt es leider nicht so viele abwechslungsreiche Personendarsteller 🙂 Freue mich über neue Motive von dir, LG Jürgen

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