Thank You, Visitors!

Andreas Feininger once explained that we should not worry too much about people not liking our pictures; after all, for every picture, there would eventually be a spectator who liked it. To be frank, I read this but somehow did not really believe it.

A year of weekly blogging taught me better. You taught me better. I found overwhelming encouragement in the comments you wrote. Now I know that almost every picture I care for will find its beholder. I understand that the only thing I should worry about is my own appraisal of my pictures: Do they meet my standards? If so, there is really nothing to fear from going public.

Theoretically, this is not a very fresh insight. But you all helped me to turn theoretical knowledge into a real life experience.

I thank you for this, and for commenting, and for visiting and keeping your eyes open. I hope that I was – and will be – able to do something similar, at least for some of you.

Best wishes for 2012!