Thank You, Visitors!

Andreas Feininger once explained that we should not worry too much about people not liking our pictures; after all, for every picture, there would eventually be a spectator who liked it. To be frank, I read this but somehow did not really believe it.

A year of weekly blogging taught me better. You taught me better. I found overwhelming encouragement in the comments you wrote. Now I know that almost every picture I care for will find its beholder. I understand that the only thing I should worry about is my own appraisal of my pictures: Do they meet my standards? If so, there is really nothing to fear from going public.

Theoretically, this is not a very fresh insight. But you all helped me to turn theoretical knowledge into a real life experience.

I thank you for this, and for commenting, and for visiting and keeping your eyes open. I hope that I was – and will be – able to do something similar, at least for some of you.

Best wishes for 2012!


10 thoughts on “Thank You, Visitors!”

  1. I found that it takes a while once you realize that there is room for improvement in your work to get to the point where you are confident that you can make an objective assessment. Not sure I’m quite there yet, but your work has a consistently excellent quality and I’m glad you are aware of that. You can keep creating without the burden of worrying about popularity. (Hope that all made sense – it’s getting late. 🙂

    1. Thank you for that compliment! Your lines do make sense, Cindy. I fully agree that objective assessment of the own work is desirable; yet I am not always able to step out of my shoes in order to evaluate my pictures ‘objectively’.
      I would like to add that subjective reactions are most welcome since these often hint at aspects or interpretations I would not have thouoght of. So that’s very valuable feedback (after all, the aesthetic judgement is “subjectively universal” , as Kant put it). It is in the light of the latter ideas that I feel able to comment other peoples’ works. Although I am not an art expert, I hope that subjective feedback can do for others what it does for me…
      I am happy to see you blogging again!

  2. One of the pleasures of 2011 was getting to “know” you.
    Many greetings and wishes for 2012, for happiness, health, and continuing productivity.

    P.S. The bottom photo is SENSATIONAL.
    That would be my icon for Festive —

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