The Steep Approach to Baumwall

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There are places that attract me again and again. Baumwall station, overlooking Hamburg’s harbour, is among them. It is one of many stations of the Hochbahn – the elevated train that also runs underground in many parts of the city. While the latter is neatly out of sight, one can hardly ignore the El. Along with the rivers and the canals, it definitely adds something special to the urban landscape.

The black structures of Hochbahn seem to call for black and white photography, but almost all the photos I made more than a year ago did not entirely satisfy me. Maybe I did not really know what makes Hochbahn worth photographing for me. Maybe I could not imagine what the pictures should look like. Coming back this fall, I tried my hand again.

Sometimes it is quite a journey until I arrive at a picture that just feels right: The bottom picture dates back to March 2013, the three other pictures were made in September 2014.

298-07Hopping off the train here could be a first step in joining Jo on her Monday walks – see you in Hamburg, Jo!