Anchor Chains (Iona)

“Das Zeug hat seinen Platz, oder aber es ‘liegt herum’, was von einem puren Vorkommen an einer beliebigen Raumstelle grundsätzlich zu unterscheiden ist. Der jeweilige Platz bestimmt sich als Platz dieses Zeugs zu… aus einem Ganzen der aufeinander ausgerichteten Plätze des umweltlich zuhandenen Zeugzusammenhangs.” (Martin Heidegger)

5 thoughts on “Anchor Chains (Iona)”

  1. These chains and their busted links are really magic and I like them a lot. At first glance I read “Das Zug – – – ” and thought “What the heck?”. Then I read the beginning once more and understood that it was about time to stop thinking of my work. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Staffan! Nothing wrong with your work as far as I am concerned, though – on the contrary! I think it is getting better and better.
      I just ran into Heidegger’s lines because of a cross-reference (trying to read and understand “Die Kunst und der Raum”) and thought they might offer a good context for a couple of things I tried lately.

  2. The translation of the quote on Frengly doesn’t make much sense and is almost funny, which I expect is not the intent. The images, though, are brilliant. The tonal range is so dynamic as are the compositions. The negative space in the first one, especially, is very strong.

    1. Thank you for this comment, Cindy. There is a translation of this allegedly untranslatable book (“Being and Time”) by John Macquarrie and Edward Robinson: “Equipment has its place, or else ‘lies around’; this must be distinguished in principle from just occurring at random in some spatial position. When equipment for something or other has its place, this place defines itself as the place of the equipment – as one place out of a whole totality of places directionally lined up with each other […]”
      As in so many cases, this translation lacks the elegance of the original, which, despite being a philosophical text, may as well be read like poetry.

    2. Thank you for the translation, Tobias. It makes so much more sense now and you are right – it is very poetic.

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