Le città e il gioco. 7.

These two finds came as surprises: I had almost given up on finding a ‘classical’ swing and the type of seesaw I remember from my childhood when I came across this swing casting its shadow near Leichweißhöhle. And I found a modernist seesaw on a playground near Parkstraße I had almost dismissed as not really worth while visiting – until the morning sun hitting the sand taught me better.

With light being as transient as it is, both these situations may have been unique – which is why I think this post is quite appropriate as a contribution to this week’s photo challenge.

11 thoughts on “Le città e il gioco. 7.”

  1. You could call it “Shadowplay Ground” or “Shadow Playground”! Great work.

  2. Browsing your redesigned site… I love that you do black and white. Love your eye for details, and that you found this good, old fashioned playground!

  3. Superb examples of the importance of “transient” light — every situation is unique, and it makes a great difference WHEN you shoot.
    (We’re watching a series on Photography by a National Geographic pro, and he’s always harping on getting up early, staying late, and forget about the middle of the day.)

    1. Judith, I agree – and that’s one of he reasons why I like fall, winter, and spring for photography: You can sleep in and still catch the good light. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Light is incredibly transient. I’ve learned in my short time involved with photography that if you see a scene outside with the lightning just right, you’d better get the photo fast, because the look will change in an instant. I love your photos here.

    1. Thank you, Angeline – that day I was out with my oldest camera where focusing is a bit cumbersome … and I had to kind of hurry so I did not miss the situation, especially in the first picture.

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