Le città e il gioco. 8.

Just out of town, up one of the many valleys and creeks (near Leichtweißhöhle) there is this playground in the woods. Of the playgrounds I ‘investigated’ this one is most appealing due to its air of adventure. The trees surrounding this place account for  special lighting conditions: Making pictures, you have to be patient – and then quick.

If you would like to see the whole series, please visit the Le città e il gioco gallery.

7 thoughts on “Le città e il gioco. 8.”

    1. Thank you very much! Reading your comment, I am quite happy I introduced pages to present a couple of series in their respective contexts…

  1. It’s a beautiful play of details and light. Very nicely seen and captured. It’s a great series. I love your expression patient – and then quick. So true for most photography.

  2. When I look at the whole series it reinforces my first impression: this playground today is more rustic and rugged, the others are mostly more high tech. I wonder if the children respond differently to equipment of wood than to steel?

    1. That is a good question, Judith. For the most children I know, a playground is a playground, and as long as that is so, it’s fine. However, I wonder if the more rugged playground invites wilder behaviour: One day we witnessed little boys throwing rocks at a girl, an action that was disturbingly violent. We had to stop them and alarm the parents who were chatting at the other end of the playground …

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