Le città e il gioco. 8.

Just out of town, up one of the many valleys and creeks (near Leichtweißhöhle) there is this playground in the woods. Of the playgrounds I ‘investigated’ this one is most appealing due to its air of adventure. The trees surrounding this place account for  special lighting conditions: Making pictures, you have to be patient – and then quick.

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Le città e il gioco. 7.

These two finds came as surprises: I had almost given up on finding a ‘classical’ swing and the type of seesaw I remember from my childhood when I came across this swing casting its shadow near Leichweißhöhle. And I found a modernist seesaw on a playground near Parkstraße I had almost dismissed as not really worth while visiting – until the morning sun hitting the sand taught me better.

With light being as transient as it is, both these situations may have been unique – which is why I think this post is quite appropriate as a contribution to this week’s photo challenge.