Chapel in the Fields

293-30r 293-35a


6 thoughts on “Chapel in the Fields

  1. ninano

    I’m happy you found my comment useful. Speaking of myself I find it difficult to handle the gallery-function in WordPress – I struggle to get my photos displayed in a way that makes them look good together. Sometimes it’s better to show the photos one by one instead of using the gallery.

    1. tms Post author

      Hi Nina, I do like the way your photos look in the galleries – though I never use the galleries; I love arranging the pictures myself.

  2. Touch2Touch

    Interesting comment here —
    My computer screen isn’t really big enough either, but at the suggestion I went back and forth between the photos, and can see the thrust of one as possibly filling the space of the other —

    1. tms Post author

      Thank you, Judith – these are exactly the things that interest me. I usually pay some attention to the juxtaposition of pictures (hence the more or less random combinations in the slideshows on my home page), and I always try to find contexts that work – but I admit I posted these two in a hurry and without double checking if my gut feeling that they might look good together was right. So I am glad it apparently was. I also like your idea of “one filling the space of the other”, because space is what I am exploring these days.
      And thanks to Nina again for triggering this little discussion!

    1. tms Post author

      Thank you, Nina – I did not see it that way (maybe my screen is too small) but now that you mention it … yes!

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