6 thoughts on “Chapel in the Fields”

  1. I’m happy you found my comment useful. Speaking of myself I find it difficult to handle the gallery-function in WordPress – I struggle to get my photos displayed in a way that makes them look good together. Sometimes it’s better to show the photos one by one instead of using the gallery.

    1. Hi Nina, I do like the way your photos look in the galleries – though I never use the galleries; I love arranging the pictures myself.

  2. Interesting comment here —
    My computer screen isn’t really big enough either, but at the suggestion I went back and forth between the photos, and can see the thrust of one as possibly filling the space of the other —

    1. Thank you, Judith – these are exactly the things that interest me. I usually pay some attention to the juxtaposition of pictures (hence the more or less random combinations in the slideshows on my home page), and I always try to find contexts that work – but I admit I posted these two in a hurry and without double checking if my gut feeling that they might look good together was right. So I am glad it apparently was. I also like your idea of “one filling the space of the other”, because space is what I am exploring these days.
      And thanks to Nina again for triggering this little discussion!

  3. Both of the pictures are powerful, but the combination of the two makes them more interesting.

    1. Thank you, Nina – I did not see it that way (maybe my screen is too small) but now that you mention it … yes!

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