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Downtown Strolls





When we walk, it is often without a planned route, just seeing where our feet take us (I will elaborate on that later, when I show photos from my favourite walk, and when it will be more appropriate). Strolling in Hamburg, we visited Chilehaus (above, top left) and the Danske Hus just opposite (bottom left). We also lingered around St. Nikolai (above, top right, and mirrored in the modernist building beyond) and wondered just how many buildings were undergoing reconstruction.


344-21When in Hamburg, one cannot help going maritime. Close to the harbour, someone will inevitably display a ship’s propeller. This one had a brass plaque mirroring the opposite building…


345-06Once we reach the water, we find a variety of bollards with a variety of coins on them.

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Looking up in Hamburg. Or was I craning my neck? Whatever. This is my contribution to Paula’s Black & White Sunday – and it also answers to this Week’s Photo Challenge since I think it shows that reflection is related to refraction (which I think is the case; if not, please let me know).

En route

Pays d'Auge III

Pays d'Auge I


Port de Fecamp I

Port de Fecamp II

Brown hues, interpreting both the Weekly Photo Challenge and this week’s Travel Theme. The floating leaves and the elaborate hairdo were spotted at Les Jardins du Pays d’Auge, Combremer; the onions come from the famous kitchen garden of Château de Miromesnil, Tourville-sur-Arques; and the last two pictures happened during a walk in the port of Fécamp.