Fray [Wake Up. 64.]


336-25Another interpretation of the Photo Challenge: “Fray”. Seen in Arezzo, Italy.

2 thoughts on “Fray [Wake Up. 64.]”

  1. I asbolutely love the top piece. It’s almost disjointed joining the typographic fonts of the everyday now (web) with a very idyllic spray painted icon (depicting trash) with a silly hat to boot (symbolizes the foolishness of connection via virtual connection – my opinion). Obviously, it’s a decaying wall. I’d love to know what the second line really says. Very fitting as then it is forced to be discarded even if wondered…. On the fray, yes? We often discard what’s on the fray (this can be spoken in nature or of subcultures).

    1. Thoughtful … Thanks very much, David!
      A picture says more than a thousand words, hence it might be all the more ambiguous. From the moment I made this photo I never doubted I was looking at an old-fashioned TV set there in the trash can: “Wake up! trash your telly!” While your interpretation seems to read: “Wake up! Get rid of that fool’s hat!” Now it may make sense (and be fun) to equal TV and a fool’s hat. “Be no fool, watch less TV”, while the second line remains a riddle: What language is it, to begin with?
      Media criticism probably: I also enjoy your consideration of the medium (spray paint, flaking plaster): The graffito may be as fleeting as any image TV might produce … Aah well, I think I still did not entriely grasp the meaning of “fray”

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