Time Flies

man one

man two

A dialogue? Maybe: These two pictures feel a bit like one person finishing another person’s sentence to me.

3 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. Touch2Touch

    A real gut reaction — not in words.
    Odd, because when I look at the second photo, which is almost identical except for the step (which looks like a lunge) — I don’t get that reaction.
    Balance, yes, maybe. (definitely the placement on the floor and within the photo of the second figure as contrasted with the first, hmmm, I guess that is balance)

  2. Touch2Touch

    I can see that the two might be a dialogue, but what really stopped me in my tracks was photo #1 — as he is stopped — the sheer beauty of design.

    1. tms Post author

      It is interesting you would say that, and if I understand you correctly I think I agree: There’s some balance there… Is that what you meant? Thanks, as always, for visiting and commenting here, Judith!

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