4 thoughts on “Alternative Facts”

    1. Thanks. Making these pictures is fun. Feels like being a movie director (and writer, and camera operator).

  1. I love the brevity of this post. I found myself wondering: what makes it hard to grant that freedom to ourselves? And how well do we train ourselves to distinguish facts (observations) from evaluations and judgements?

    1. Thanks Naomi. Your comment made me wonder if the George Orwell quote I had originally intended to be an ‘aside’ for the picture actually distracted from the photo itself – so I deleted it (I hope that’s okay, I usually do not change posts once they are online). As for your lines, I agree. I think that training ourselves to distinguish fact from judgement is a daily excercise – whenever we hear or read the news, we have to analyse them in this respect. Maybe reading fiction on the other side helps, too…

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