Eureka! Mir geht ein Licht auf!


“A light dawns on me” is how we say eureka! in German.


I am happy to continue the “Worlds Within Words” series with a contribution for Thursday’s Special at Lost in Translation. Paula wished to see profiles – and I think based on her description and the etymology, these pictures can also be regarded as a mini study of the concept.

6 thoughts on “Eureka! Mir geht ein Licht auf!”

  1. :O Wonderful! Really is! The composition in the second one is fantastic. Does your German expression literary translates as “A light goes to me”? And thank you, Tobias. I love your creativity and outburst of ideas.

    1. Thank you Paula! This, coming from you, means a lot to me. About our complicated language: Mir geht ein Licht auf literally means “A light goes up for me” which I think is not really English, hence my attempt to translate it into “dawns on me” [i.e., like he sun], dawn being Sonnenaufgang.

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