Down These Mean Streets a Man Must Go



The little guy looked like someone I knew. Someone I knew from the times when most everything I had to do was reading detective stories, and writing about them. And figuring out how we all know what detectives look like without ever having seen one (it’s not the most public or popular occupation in Germany; detectives are shabby people in department stores waiting to snatch the occasional sock thief).

Well, the hat and the coat rang a bell, and I suspected there must be a gun, too. As chance would have it, there was also a very intriguing project suggestion at 100% Stuck in Plastic: Come up with three toy photographs in a narrative sequence, or, as ME2 put it: “3 images. An introduction, a cliffhanger, and an ending.” As things go, this ending may not necessarily be where the whole story ends…

Ah, and just one more thing: I set up a page where you will be able to see the story unfold (and probably change): Down These Mean Streets a Man Must Go.

7 thoughts on “Down These Mean Streets a Man Must Go”

    1. I had to google him (I admit) – but seeing the film stills: You are absolutely right! I was thinking Sam Spade or Philip Marlowe because I am more familiar with these gentlemen…

  1. Thank you for joining in on our little project of March 😉
    These pics reveal a dark and sinister story. Lovely!

    1. My pleasure – the project is inspiring! (Although I misspelled Plastic Sleuth in the comments, sorry for that.)

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