7 thoughts on “Crack”

  1. Great image – I’ve been attempting miniature images this year… How do you get them to stand up? In every shot so far I’ve had an ugly piece of Blu-tack… Alternative suggestions welcomed!!

    1. Thank you! There is a kind of liquid mounting glue (it is called Hin- & Weg-Kleber in German) by NOCH, item no. 61121. It should be available online in Great Britain. You just apply a drop to a heel, let it dry thoroughly, and then you can even move the figure five to ten times while the foot remains its sticky. The guy above is attached to a vertical glass pane, that’s how sticky they get!
      However, sometimes the glue catches some light, so I often do some editing around the feet. I usually tune down the reflexes, which was not even necessary here.
      I hope this helps. Good luck with your miniatures – I love your ideas!

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