Night Train

(Jimmy Forrest, Lewis P. Simpkins, Oscar Washington)

This picture was in equal parts inspired by the Blues Brothers’ apartment just opposite the El tracks and by the buildings I see commuting to work. Since the train runs through the picture diagonally (to evoke a dynamic feeling) I hope this might qualify as an entry for the Lens Artists’ Challenge.

7 thoughts on “Night Train”

  1. Hi, Tobias. This is a fantastic image. I love how you set up the shot and included a man playing a bass in the window. It tells a great story. It reminds me of Chicago and Queens! I’m delighted you joined us.

    1. Thank you, Patti! The picture was indeed inspired by the Chicago El … and a similar elevated train in Hamburg, Germany. Glad it seems to work the way I intended.

  2. That’s a really terrific capture Tobias. I love that the guy was playing in the window and he is so clear while the building gives a sense of motion. Excellent choice!

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