The light from the desk lamp through a window of one of the miniature façades I use for my miniature toy photography: Glowing moments like these provide for good pictures but I also take them as proof that even with staged photos, there are moments that are unrepeatable (or very hard to reproduce). This is an enty for the lens-artists’ photo challenge #244 – only one ‘glowing moment’ cause this kind of photography is very slow.

Clothesline Rope Walk

A scene we might encounter in real life – or rather, an idealized version of such a scene. Which is why I like toy photography: In reality, I would walk along the alley, see a potential photo, and then find that reality gets in the way of the picture I had in mind. I might get other pictures I like instead. And afterwards, with miniature toy photography, I can also make the picture I imagined.

Since it’s Monday, and this is definitely a walk, I think this might be a nice contribution for Jo‘s Monday Walks.