Treasure Hunt?

This week’s contribution for the Lens-Artists’s Challenge #219: Treasure Hunt: two reflections. Originally hunting for a picture that would somewhat illustrate the Beatles’ Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds and be photographed through things (for yet another challenge), I first tried what I could do with this figure and a glass vase. The pictures turned out to be nothing like what I’d had in mind. However, I came to like these ‘test’ pictures better than the one actually showing “the girl with kaleidoscope eyes” through a piece of cellophane. So always hold on to your test shots! They may turn out to be treasures you found without immediately realizing.

Urban Environments

Take The ‘A’ Train (Billy Strayhorn)

As I go through my pictures of miniature scenes, I find one commen denominator: urban environments. I obviously find myself drawn to urban settings, to the world of alleys, bars, theaters, and public transportatiou. Here’s a retrospective celebrating the city and its lights (and shadows) in H0 scale.

While the vehicles and figures (and the phone booth) come from the toy store, the buildings are custom made, mostly from scratch.