Le città e il gioco. 1.

It cannot be known what Italo Calvino would have told us about the cities and the game in his novel Le città invisibili (Invisible Cities).

Would he have thought of strange objects defining particular spaces within the urban space? Would he have mentioned architects devising structures that seem to defy any sense of purpose? Would he have noticed that the seeming absence of rationality follows its own rules – rules that lie at the basis of an invitation to explore, dig, swing, or climb?

And what – if anything – would he have related about the inhabitants of these cities who so willingly accept these invitations at a certain age? Could he have said that those who are past that age just turn a blind eye at the cities’ appeal because they are afraid they, too, would willingly submit to it?

[In a certain ironic way, taking a camera to a playground, you do not have to be ashamed of being caught playing.]

Adolfsallee, Wiesbaden

4 thoughts on “Le città e il gioco. 1.”

  1. Not ironic, I think! A playground is for playing. With whatever equipment is there, and that you bring to it. (Not excluding your mind and eye.)
    Exciting photos, GREAT idea. I may shamelessly copy.

    1. Thank you, Judith! How right you are about bringing the mind and the eye … and a camera!

  2. Wonderful shots, Tobias. Playgrounds are so much fun to shoot, but be careful that there are no children around. An adult who was just sitting on a playground bench to rest was arrested for being there.

    1. Thank you Lynn. I hope it is not as bad over here. I try to be there before anybody else is, plus I am extra careful not to have any people in my pictures. I had a couple of dog walkers looking on curiously while I was photographing a slide this morning. But that was mostly fun. Glad you enjoy the opening of my little series…

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