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Wintry Abstractions






Paleica continues her monthly photo challenge series 12 Magische Mottos. This month’s magic word is abstraction. Please check it out – there is some really great photography on display.

I’d had in mind to try my hand at abstract nature photos for a change. Last weekend’s snow invited an attempt to go abstract with ‘out of the camera’ pictures. I did not even do anything about the colours because I was fascinated by the fact that the ‘white’ snow never looked quite the same: That day, the sky shifted rapidly from cloudy to blindingly sunny.

Metal Dots


“Let’s not forget: even when used for ideas of great seriousness, photography is a beautiful playground.” Katherine Oktober Matthews, Chief Editor of GUP

Following Paelica’s Magic Motto Formen & Figuren (shapes & figures), I decided to find as many dots and circles as I can. This is part four of the series.