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DSC01716-d01kAfter deciding this was the story for Paula’s Guest Challenge – How to Tell a Story through Colour Photography – I first thought I should add a narrative text. But then I decided on the title, and I will say no more.

Im Holz. 2

DSC01601-k DSC01600-k DSC01608-k DSC01613-k DSC01605-k

A contribution for Magic Letters: I. The challenge is to photograph Innen: the inside. Im Holz means ‘in the wood’ and this part shows a fruit tree fracture that only occurred during last summer’s storms. The wood is still relatively fresh.

2/3. Imagine


What if every picture of the 2/3 series were a word? Each one acquires part of its meaning through a certain use in a certain context, any single picture relating to the sequence the way a word relates to a sentence, sentences after sentences – sequence after sequences – woven into a narrative. And then there are the simple words and the complex ones, some of them able to stand alone while others do not mean much outside the structure of the sentence. This might be the field I am currently playing on.

(I arrived at this short description because it seemed clear from the beginning that I might post the same picture more than once, depending on the use I might have for it in different contexts. That’s how I arrived at language: I also use some words more than once, and while they always almost mean the same, the sentences they are part of mean very different things.

You’ve seen two of the above pictures already, but I needed the car for obvious reasons. But was it necessary to re-post the last picture as well? Deleting it from this sequence felt like something went missing, so: yes, had to re-post it!)