A Short Walk Around Luxemburgplatz







DSC01798-kLuxemburgplatz: There is a distinct neighbourhood surrounding this little downtown square, and since I do not know it well, I enjoyed walking around there, making pictures. While this post shows what can happen when I take a camera, I am not quite sure if pictures like these are what Jo has in mind for her Monday Walks. But I think that although they show nothing but details, they convey that particular neighbourhood’s atmosphere.

Opposite Walls


It has been for quite a while that I wanted to make these photos because the blue mosaic is quite unique for Wiesbaden and the bars add some extra art nouveau. All this was found in a passage leading into a commercial backyard in the downtown part of town.

Once there, capturing the blues, I thought, why don’t I also photograph the opposite side for Paula’s photo challenge? (Can you tell these are opposite walls? There is scientific evidence…)