Traces of the Past II





Some pictures I like just do not seem to fit into any post until a good cue gives me new ideas: Paula’s photo challenge Traces of the Past proved quite helpful for this post. She writes: “For the third time this year Thursday’s Special is bringing you a challenge dedicated to past. It can be a distant past or a recent one. It can be a past that is abandoned and about to be forgotten, or past that is still functional and intertwined with present.” And here was my cue. I decided to focus on the traces, no matter how long gone the past might be.



Flare and photography… When I read this week’s photo challenge at Lost in Translation (the challenges are great, give ’em a try), I thought I should find a constellation that makes a flare of light the only subject of my photo, painting a picture with light actually. Then I found myself looking at this empty bottle by the end of a good day and suddenly reality pretty much ‘matched my picture,’ if only for a short moment, as is appropriate for a good flare.