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New Cat on the Block

After winning the Toy Photographers’ Photo Challenge this month*, K-2SO deserved some more feline company. Here’s one of my first test shots with Catwoman. I liked it. And I hope you dig it too.

*In a tie with Jason Nvrmore.

Night’s Bridge

“Darkness is happening,” said the leather woman, very quietly. “Night is happening. All the nightmares that have come out when the sun goes down, since the cave times, when we huddled together in fear for safety and for warmth, are happening. Now,” she told them, “now is the time to be afraid of the dark.” (Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere, 1996)

Every so often, you get a chance to participate in a photo challenge with an image you always wanted to make but never really got around to. So I am happy to contribute this trio to Paula’s Thursday’s Special.