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Cum grano salis

Cum grano salis, lit. taken with a grain/pinch of salt, fig. not to be taken literally, to be understood using your wit.

Since this whole series makes use of a very specific type of contrast (you know what I mean, right?), I thought I might as well enter it into Paleica’s Magic Motto Challenge: Contrasts. Please check out her site! You’ll find some beautiful contribtions there.

Im Holz. 1


DSC01597-kA contribution for Magic Letters: I. The challenge is to photograph Innen which means ‘the inside’ but also carries a connotation of ‘inward’ or even ‘subjectivity’. Im Holz would be ‘in the wood’ in English – which could also have been a title I liked – and part one features two older fruit tree fractures. Life goes on here.